Still in Process…

Hi Guys,

I didn’t reported about my tattoo removal for a while. But before Christmas I have managed to do my 6th appointment to the laser treatment as always at ENDLICH OHNE tattoo removal studio. Now the tattoo – or better, what is left of it – has become really light. No wonder, after the ruby laser can everything happen. After the treatment my next two weeks was really horror. But I want to get rid of my tattoo and I have to go through it. Next time I’ll show you another photo. The results really impress!

As I had reported in my recent post, I asked about the permanent makeup removal at the eyebrows. I need to get rid of my old ones, to get then later a new form.

The permanent makeup is released more quickly from the skin than a professional tattoo, because the color is not so deeply engraved. After three to five treatments the tattoo is already gone. It is also not bad to the hair roots of the eyebrows, they are not affected at all, so that they can grow further. I know that many of you have worried about it …

So, don’t be afraid guys! ;)


[smallquote]Moncler Parka Clarabide / Kenzo Kalifornia Bag / Napapijri Beanie[/smallquote]

Hi Guys,
Sooo, today I’ll write my first post for you this year. Up to date because of the wet cold weather … I wear Parkas for the whole winter, because I am always cold. That’s why I need a high-quality parka that lasts at least five years, warms me and looks good :) Because I have very good experiences with Moncler, it had to be a jacket from the children’s collection. It warms me a lot – and I feel very good at it!

Sweatshirt – Outfit

[smallquote] Patrizia Pepe Sweatshirt Outfit / Liu Jo Cape / Kenzo Kalifornia Bag / Benneton Beret[/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

Sweatshirt clothing is very en vogue. Firstly it is warm, secondly is very comfortable. Whether it’s a sweatshirt, sweatshirt dress or sweatshirt skirt ;) I have chosen this sweatshirt combo from two parts – skirt and shirt. They can be worn together but also separated. And for this warm December it is the perfect outfit ;)

Merry Christmas! – 2016

Merry Christmas from all my heart to you guys!

Wherever you are – I hope you have quiet and peaceful holidays with your beloved!

Just be happy!


[smallquote] Silvian Heach Fur / Promod Dress / Gucci Scarf / Kenzo Kalifornia Bag[/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

Sooooo are you ready for the Christmas days?

Usually we celebrate the Christmas with the family or with your beloved ones – and it is best time to wear a cozy and warm outfit ;)

I have not decided yet for one, but in the past few days I’ve become a fan of color anthracite – and I’d like the whole look in the color :P Maybe the wet-gray days and the pre-Christmas stress have arrived to me too and makes my subconsciousness to signal me with the dark colors about that :) :) :)