Free People Dress

[smallquote] Free People Dress / Gucci Soho Bag / Ray-Ban Sunnies / Moschino Sliders [/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

Somehow I have planned this summer not to buy so much clothes at all … but that doesn’t work. I always want to have something new. It’s kind of sickness….. Well ;) I am a shopaholic :( And this is really sad :(

So I got another new dress. I think that will be impossible to present all the clothes I got this summer ;) But this dress has become my favorite. On colder days you can also wear it with ankle boots and a leather jacket ;)

Abercrombie yellow dress

[smallquote] Abercrombie Dress / MCM Rabbit Bag / Ray-Ban Sunnies [/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

Today I’m wearing a Abercrombie dress. In the last time I buy more often different clothes by Abercrombie. But I try to buy everything on sale. Because I think that Abercrombie’s clothes are overpriced. For the same money I could buy something better. But if the pieces are on sale and cost less than 20 €, I grab right away my favorites ;) I also like that they have a XXS size and also in three different lengths. Of course I take everything in Petite, then I never have a problem with the length. Luckily, there are not as many small people as I am and that’s why these sizes are almost always available.

Kenzo! Kenzo!

[smallquote] Kenzo Total Look / Ray Ban Sunnies[/smallquote]

Today I wear the total look by Kenzo. I already posted several times total looks by Kenzo. Yes, I love the brand so much …

Kenzo and Gucci are my absolute favorites and my wardrobe is overflowing ;) I usually buy only clothes by Kenzo and by Gucci just accessories and bags. Because Gucci clothing are extremely expensive, although I can buy sometimes from the children’s collections. If I could afford, then I would buy something from Gucci – like a coat or a jacket; but to be honest, that does not bother me ;)

Paris – Mai 2019

Hi Guys,

many of you already know from my instagram account that recently I have spend a few days in Paris. I love Paris so much …. I really can’t describe it in words… how much I love Paris ;)

I’ve been to Paris already for several times and have already written about on my blog. But I have never been there in the spring or summer. So on the End of May I had the opportunity for the first time to enjoy the city in late spring ;) Thanks to my friend, who currently lives there and where I spent a long weekend ;)

What did I do in Paris this time? Nothing at all…. I just enjoyed Paris. The weather was perfect, so I could only be outside and enjoy the flair of Paris … and of course to eat Ispahans by Ladurée – Yasss several a day :P

The highlight of my stay in Paris was the Moulin Rouge. Yes, finally I saw a show at Moulin Rouge. The theater was well worth seeing :) The show Féerie was also Wow. I imagined something different – the show was so colorful! It was so amazing and surprisingly I did’t expected so many bare breasts ;) No, it did’t bother me ;) ;) ;) But something other bothered me: two parts of the show were with animals and that’s a no-go for me – a pool full of pythons and a pony show. Unfortunately, that completely destroyed my 100% enthusiasm.

All in all, I had a great time together with Masha, Ispahans and the Parisian flair that suits me so well ;)

Knit Dress

[smallquote] ASOS Dress / Dsquared2 Bag / Ray Ban Ja-Jo Sunnies[/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

Today I’m wearing a knit dress by ASOS,

I love knitted clothes very much, also love to wear knit in the summer. This summer I also bought many knit pieces. This season knitted clothes are in vogue.

Lately I like to wear white or black colors. Although many people in neutral colors look rather monotonous, but sometimes it has to be. Colorful colors are slowly disappearing from my closet too. Or I try to combine some of them, to do not look like a parrot ;) Maybe I’m getting older or … I have not found a second reason yet :P

I also got a new pair of sunglasses this summer. All my sunglasses are by Ray Ban. No, Ray Ban is not one of my favorite brands, but others brands just don’t have very small sizes like Ray Ban. So Ray-Ban always solves my sun problems ;)

The bag is by Dsquared2, and yes, after my Gucci Bag purchase in January, I promised to myself do not buy any bag this year … unfortunately, I could not keep my promise …. Sometimes I explode in this way.

What about you guys?