Comparison of my tattoos

Hi Guys,

a few weeks ago, as usual, I had an appointment with Andrea by ENDLICH OHNE tattoo removal studio in Hannover. Yeah, again. Some of you don‘t understand what I’m doing there for so long ;) Well, removing a tattoo takes a long time :D

Some of my friends don‘t even remember, that I’ve ever had ugly tattoos, because they are almost invisible now. When I compared the photos from the begin, I got a shock but in a positive way. You can barely notice them. I would say, that the main criterium is to have a lot of patience; because the time flies so fast…

In a few days I can enjoy the sun again, and through the sun my tattoos will lose even more color. Check out my older posts, you can also read more about the whole process of tattoo removal – Have fun ;)

Just a cool Look

[smallquote] PROMOD Jacket / PROMOD Top / Scotch & Soda Pants
MCM Rabbit Bag / Ray-Ban Sunnies[/smallquote]

Today I have kind of new style ;)

This season are jackets and coats in metallic look very in vogue. Actually, this jacket wasn’t in my wish list. But I fell in love with immediately in the moment I saw it by Promod, and to be honest, quality has more convinced me to buy it.

The jacket I combined with a pair of jogging pants. Yeah … in past years if somebody used to wear jogging pants in everyday life, was described with no taste for fashion by society. Now, if you do not wear them, you are not fashionable enough :) :)

Not to look to sporty in this outfit, I decided to wear ankle boots. My new bag is by MCM – what I like about MCM is the rabbit :P

I think that will wear this outfit for my trip next week ;) I find it very stylish and cool …. But then in combination with sneakers ;)

Kind of Bee

[smallquote] The Animal Observatory Coat / Gucci Scarf / Gucci Belt / Gucci Bag
Napapijri Beanie / UGG Australia Boots[/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

finally a new look I have managed to post again. Last time I don‘t have much time or to tired or I don‘t like taking pictures in the cold. But sometimes each of us comes to such a point.

In this post I wear my new coat. The colors of the coat remind me a bee …. So just right for the upcoming spring. The bag is new and I also have it in the smaller version, but because it is so cool I decided to save for a bigger one too ;) Girls problems and kind of good investment ;) I also sold a lot of old stuff to get it. Now I have a lot of space in my closset :P

An everyday kind outfit

[smallquote] Massimo Dutti Coat / Hollister Sweater / ASOS skirt / Gucci Belt /Gucci Belt
Napapijri Beanie / Ghigo Caltazure Shoes[/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately, I have not had much time for my blog lately :( Sorry for that! But I think positive …. I will do my best ;)

Today I carry nothing new in my todays look, just some old pieces. The bag it’s sold out , to be exact, almost all the bags in my closet. I am not a collector so I sell at the right time all my old stuff, for buying new things ;)

What about you guys?

Male, Maldives

Hi Guys,

As I wrote in my last blog post, I visited Male, the capital of the Maldives before I took my flight back home. Yes, I am a capital junkie. No matter where I fly, I always try to make a detour to the capital of the country.

What should I tell about Male? ;) It was definitely cool to see Male, but I never want to go there again ;) Did I like it there? No, not at all ;) But the city is very interesting, crowded with people and motorcycles, dirty and hardly a tourist there and like everywhere on the indigenous islands in the Maldives you find at (almost) every corner plastic!!!! ;) In two hours I could walk around the whole island – it also had some nice plastic-free corners.

At the airport I was able to leave my bags each for $ 6 per day and for a dollar I took the ferry to the Male and after ten minutes I was already on the island of Male. Because I was hungry, I first looked for a place to eat ;) And then, refreshed with a lot of power I went to explore the island. As always, I dragged myself in the wrong direction. Although I’ve read before that you should not turn into strange corners on Male :) After running aimlessly over the island, and was dredged by many men (which was not great), I’ve finally opened Google Maps and took the way in the direction to Republic Square, on my way passed the National Stadium, National Museum and the Buisness School. On the way I also found a really nice park: Rasrani Bageecha, where I had to pay 5 dollars to stay – only for the locals the park is free … On the end I visited the fish and the fruit market ;) Well, that was quite a cool experience … Shopping in Male I did not succeed, I have not even seen a HM or mango there;)

Nevertheless, I am glad that I could see Male ;) On the way to the airport, I met my travel agent ;) He had that day off and showed me the artificial island Hulhumale on the other side of the airport ;) Well, everywhere more plastic and that just breaks the paradise feeling …

I am looking forward to March, because then I will see Hanimadhoo again and live again in the Bare Foot Eco Hotel ;)

Bye for now!