My new Shoes – Grashopper

[smallquote] Urban Outfitters Shirt / Zara Culottes / Marc Jacobs Tote
Ray-Ban Sunnies / Grashopper Shoes[/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

If you are working on the feet for 8 hours a day, you need really comfortable shoes. I’ve been looking for such shoes a long time. But comfortable shoes in general are usually ugly ;) Many of you will definitely say to wear sport shoes …. No, I can’t wear sport shoes at work – it’s kind of dress code …. That’s why it’s a real problem for me … Even wearing Ugg boots causes the heel pain, even though they are actually extremely soft and comfortable … Because I’m a fashionista, the shoes obviously have to look pretty too … but here comes to another problem …. My small shoe size – 32! ;)

A good friend has recommended to me the brand SIOUX …. I didn’t know the brand. Do you know the brand guys? Anyway, they have an online shop – sioux-shop. And because I’m online shopper, I was very happy about it. And the kids shoes have the same design as the ones by the adult category. That’s why you can create a mother-daughter or father-son look … While browsing I found the silver Grashopper moccasins. Grashopper is a subbrand from SIOUX and the shoes are cult shoes from the 70ies. Now they look not only very stylish and modern but they are also extremely comfortable. I didn’t expected this!

The shoes have very light rubber soles and an additional replacement footbed that adapts perfectly to the foot. If I have sparked for your interest, then is hier the same model for ladies ;) I wear the shoes already for 3 weeks and because they are so extremely comfortable, I wanted to share that with you …. Maybe someone of you has the same problem finding comfortable and at the same time stylish shoes :)

Anyway, I have finally no more foot pain ;)

Kenzo Golden Tiger

[smallquote] Kenzo T-Shirt / ZARA Culottes / Ray-Ban Sunnies / Marc Jacobs Bag [/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

like I wrote in my lastest blog post, logo t-shirts are currently very popular. And sorry for spamming you with Kenzo for years guys, but I am big fan by Kenzo ;)

This t-shirt was a limited edition in the children collection. I discovered it last November in Paris. And of course I bought it ;)

The t-shirt I have combined with culottes by Zara. They are from the kids collection too. Actually many adults buy clothes from the kids collections. In this way you can really save a lot of money ….


[smallquote] Scotch & Soda T-Shirt / ASOS Skirt / Gucci Belt / Ray-Ban Sunnies / Kenzo Bag [/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

Logos and different expresions on garments have become very popular again. A few years ago I sold all my logo t-shirts, but now I could have used them as well ;) But …

Nevertheless, my taste has been changed. My “Love” T-shirt is by Scotch and Soda, and I combined it with a jeans skirt instead a pair of jeans, for not to be bored at all ;) Actually, I’m not a denim skirt fan, but like I always say … such a denim skirt has to be in the closet of every women …. Soooo I have two of them ;)

Moschino Bear

[smallquote] Moschino Dress / Ray-Ban Sunnies/ Kenzo Kalifornia Bag [/smallquote]

Hi guys

yeassss, I’m also a Moschino fan and I like the current designer Jeremy Scott and his – in good spirits – crazy fantasies ;)

What if I would wear a dress with a bear motive? Many would find it funny or after all it would be crazy. I’m not 20 anymore … But…. a Moschino bear you can wear at any age and every fashionista will realizes that it’s all about a Moschino Bear ;) By the way – Madonna wears it too ;)

Moschino Sweatshirt

[smallquote] Moschino Sweatshirt / Dimensione Danza Culottes
Gucci Marmont Bag / Ray-Ban Sunnies [/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

Summer has arrived and I have found a summery version of a sweatshirt …. I always feel me cold, so this sweatshirt fits very well the summer weather …. And because it’s kind of crop sweatshirt, it also gives me more motivation to exercise my tummy – although I hate fitness very much ;)

I combined the sweatshirt with a culottes. Yes, culottes are still in vogue since last year ;) So, if you don’t have them yet, it’s time to get one …. It will take some time until they are out again …. And with us in Hanover takes even longer ….