Bond Girl for a Night

Hey guys,

do you enjoy organizing parties? Whether it’s a birthday, a barbecue, beach party or a movie night?

Last week, I got in Party-Organizing-Mood and so I made a chic party in Casino Royal style this weekend ;) I think every girl dreams one a time to be a Bond Girl – and I just felt like this the whole evening ;) – with a casino-grade dress, shiny shoes and a seducing scense that’s no wonder …

A suitable decoration, champagne, strawberries, cupcakes ….. Actually that’s everything you need to host a party …. the cupcakes turned out to be a little more complicated, because I’ve never baked in my life … but after a few tries, it worked ;) ;) ;) Of course, all this wouldn’t have happend without the help of 007 FOR WOMEN. Thank you very very much! ;)

After the party we chilled watching the movie Casino Royal ;) I had so much fun with this, I’ld like to organize such parties more often ;)

Shades of Beige

[smallquote] Zara Blazer (similar) / Fay Shorts (similar) / ASOS Sweater (similar) / Gucci Belt
Gucci Swing Bag / TOUS Bracelet[/smallquote]

New week, new day :) Sometimes you wish the weekend never ends … well, almost always ;)

Anyway, today I have a discrete outfit in different beige, beige-gray shades. From time to time, you can wear a neutral color, too :)

I wish you a nice week ;)

Blouse or Shirt?

Hey guys,

do you often wear blouses or shirts? I prefer both instead of a normal t-shirt. Shirts or blouses in my opinion are never out of fashion, whether they have a paisley, striped, flowered or dotted patterns.

Of course you should always match the season, too. Fabrics with flower prints suit better warmer seasons. The darker or monochrome the fabrics, the better they’re suitable for cold seasons – well… I think you know ;)

To make it a easier for making your own opinion, I’ve found for you a pretty good selection here.

You should definitely always have a blouse and a shirt in the closet. Both of them are really a must-have. A blouse accentuates femininity and a shirt gives you immediately a sexy masculine look
like this one.

I hope, I inspired you and wish you a nice long weekend ;)

[smallquote] Photos: Witt Weiden [/smallquote]

French Connection Dress

[smallquote] French Connection Dress [/smallquote]

Hey Guys,

warmer days are coming and so we like to go out more often. I do not know how about you, but I have a few favorite places in the city and don’t do experiments trying new locations.

That’s why I need new outfits regulary ;) I think, many women don’t like to be seen in the same outfit by the same people in the same location … so, in a new outfit, we always feel safe ;)

A dress is never wrong and you never can have too many – so I did searched one of my favourite brands at About You and found this color block dress by French Connection.

The dress is from viscose, a material that ensures a perfect fit. I always try to get such dresses made from viscose, because viscose cooperates with our bodies very well – at least with mine ;) The vertical color block parts accentuate the waist and make you look taller. This dress has all a woman needs ;)

By the light gray color, the dress gets a sporty touch. I really like this ;) For those who are looking for somthing less sporty a more elegant model like this might be a good choice :P

The contrasting patches in bright color on waist and back are really an eye-catcher – so with a matching bag and shoes the party-ready outfit is complete!

Crazy about Liu Jo

[smallquote] Liu Jo Dress / Gucci Soho Bag / Pretty Small Shoes Pumps[/smallquote]

Hello guys,

do you know Liu Jo? I always loved this Italian label; but now I’m really crazy about it and more and more things by Liu Jo come in my closet :) What do you think about my new dress? From the front, the dress looks like a long sweater and the back of the dress looks like a fancy dress by the silk apllication. A perfect choice, if you are unsure how to dress for an event – elegant or casual, with this dress you’re never wrong :)

Of course, I’m still in socks fever :) and the hearts socks are perfect for this look :)