Unexpected Combination

[smallquote] H&M Blazer / Antik Batik Dress (similar) / Pretty Small Shoes Pumps (similar) [/smallquote]

Actually in the wardrobe of a woman you can find so much stuff but there’s always the same problem – nothing to wear. This is sometimes just because you have only one or two specific combinations in mind and no new ideas :)

Todays look I havn’t seen before or at least couldn’t imagine wearing something like that. But from today, that has changed and I have a new old favorite outfit :) :) :)

Did somethink like this happend to you already?

Stripes by Ralph Lauren

[smallquote] Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt (similar) / 7 For All Mankind Jeans (similar)
Rebecca Minkoff Lexi Bag [/smallquote]

As you know from my last posts, stripes are very popular. Of course, I wanted to stay in trend and was looking for a striped shirt for some time, until I finally found one.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Ralph Lauren… Actually, not at all :) :) :) But this shirt is really an exception :) :) :) Of course, it could be combined with white jeans – but that’s not me ;) After some thought, I found combining them with a red jeans and bag makes a remarkable look ;)

Philips VisaCare

[smallquote] Philips VisaCare [/smallquote]

Hey Guys,

did you hear about Philips VisaCare microdermabrasion? My skin is very important to me and with age more and more wrinkles apear… This stresses me out! That’s why I always try to do something about it …

Because of its extremely good reviews I’ve chosen Philips VisaCare Microdermabrasion. According to the description of Philips, the device helps to get a smoother, firmer and more radiant skin. The skin is gently lifted by a vacuum and massages the deeper layers of the skin – this should stimulate the microcirculation and the production of collagen and elastin. The exfoliating brush treats the upper layers removing bumps and dander gently and strengthens the epidermis.

Unfortunately, all this did not work for me. I have a dry and thin skin. My skin was stressed to much by the device and it has become even drier – after a short period even dryness wrinkles have formed – a disaster! To save my skin, I treated it for almost 24 hours with masks – so I was able to avert any further deterioration and return the skin to its original condition … Fortunately I was able to return the device – it was not cheap.

So, if you have a dry and thin skin like me, I must warn about the use of such devices – for something like this you should visit better a cosmetic salon …

Pink Flowers

[smallquote] Lu Lu Sweat-Cardigan / New Look Jeans /Braccialini Bag /Michael Kors Sandals[/smallquote]

Spring is almost over … and so the flower time, too … That’s why I’ve made a outfit post in front of a beautiful flowering bush – just in time and even in pink ;) Yes, I still love pink ;)

Despite the not so summery weather, I currently like wearing bright colors. In this post I present to you my new sandals by Michael Kors. Does anybody have some, too? Anyway mine are quite uncomfortable … again :( Sometimes brands just don’t meet our expectations.


[smallquote] New Look Shirt / BCBG Max Azria Skirt / Hallhuber Necklace / See by Chloe Rosita Bag[/smallquote]

We have a long weekend in Germany again :) Unfortunately, the Weather forecast promises nothing good :) That’s why I decided to wear my yellow shirt by New Look ;) I hope it gives me as much heat as I need ;)

I have no big plans this weekend ;) What are you doing?