Leo Prints

[smallquote] Promod Dress (similar) / Hallhuber Necklace / Ugg Australia Boots [/smallquote] Hi Guys, I like exotic prints from leo or snakes and today I present a little bit of my favorite patterns – Rrrrrrrrr … Actually you have to … Continue reading

New Things

[smallquote] Silvian Heatch Furcoat / Yves Solomon Beanie / Abro Bag / Patrizia Pepe Pants [/smallquote] Hi Guys, I have a new coat again. Actually, I wanted to buy NOTHING in the near future, but I could not resist such … Continue reading

Winter Color

[smallquote] Liu Jo Cape & Dress / Abro Bag / Pretty Small Shoes Boots[/smallquote] Hi Guys, Today I have a new look for you – black and taupe colors. Because weather this winter is so changeable, I wear on warmer … Continue reading

Vintage Fur

[smallquote] Vintage Mink Furcoat / Abercrombie Jeans / Ugg Australia Boots [/smallquote] Hi Guys, today’s outfit was inspired by the fashion show of M3 Fashion School last Saturday… but about this I’ll write in my next post My fur today … Continue reading

Mix & Match

[smallquote] Elfen Couture Coat (similar) / Gucci Swing Bag / Gucci Scarf / Abercrombie Jeans Alviero Martini 1ยช Classe Sneakers[/smallquote] Hi Guys, something like this nobody did wear some time ago: a classic coat with sneakers was a real NO … Continue reading