Hey guys,

it’s time again for a trip report. You have certainly noticed that I was a few days in Lisbon last week. What can I say? Lisbon inspired me – I didn’t expect that; at least Lisbon hasn’t been on my must-see list of european cities, but you really should add it to exactly this list ;)

Of course, Lisbon as a capital with a nearly 3000-year history has much to offer and I when visiting a city I check out the main attractions. But to me, more important than culture and history of a town, is today’s atmosphere and feeling of a city. And that’s what impressed me so much – I felt a bit like in San Francisco. Unfortunately, you can not compare the images because I was in San Francisco before my time as a blogger :(

Although Lisbon isn’t located directly at the Atlantic, it was quite chilly in the evening – just like in SF I was prepared for hot summer days and balmy nights and was a little bit cold all time … So take a cardigan; it may be a bit warmer ;) Lisbon is situated on seven hills – I think I was at all of them and and didn’t climb so many stairs and steep streets in any other city but San Francisco – quite exhausting ;) but you will be rewarded with stunning views :) Luckily there are (again like in SF) Cable Cars which take you from downtown Baixa to the old town of Bairro Alto and Alfama. In Lisbon there is since 1902 even an elevator, the Santa Justa, which connects Baixa with Chiado (next to Bairro Alto). The most obvious parallel between Lisbon and San Francisco is the Ponte 25 de Abril

The tourist standard program includes definitely a visit to the Castelo de São Jorge, a walk on the Avenida da Liberdade (where I lived directly opposite of my favorite boutique) and a visit to the Torre de Belém. When in Belém, you shouldn’t be scared of line in front the Pastelaria Casa Pastéis de Belém: nowhere in Lisbon you get so good and fresh Pasteis de Nata. A great way to discover Lisbon and give your feet some rest are TukTuks: little Piaggo tricycle mopeds with one or two benches. The drivers offer different trips through Lisbon – a terrific way to see the city, explained by a local and discover e.g. the specifics of Lisbons Urban Art.

Have you ever been in Lisbon? If not, then I wish you a good trip ;)

Browse Vintage and Second-Hand Clothes

Hey guys,

Today I want to present a great site, where you can discover the classics of fashion history. Perhaps you already know it ;) I’m talking about CATCHYS, a search engine for vintage and second-hand clothes.

Who doesn’t know that classics by Chanel or Hermes – be it bag, a dress or pair of shoes – for me it is most time bags :D It’s not easy to get these treassures and then there’s the question about the budget ;)

CATCHYS makes a great service finding them – I could (and have ;) ) clicked for hours browsing Vintage classics of the recent years. It’s a lot of fun, bacause you can not only discover timeless pieces, but also crazy stuff from the past. With CATCHYS you can search many vintage online shops with one click, saving a lot of time.

I’m looking forward for your discoveries ;)

New Summer Inspirations

[smallquote] Blumarine Top & Scarf / Dolce & Gabanna Skirt / Gucci Swing Bag
Ray-Ban Sunnies / Bimba Y Lola Jewelry [/smallquote]

Hey guys,

I’m back from holidays and had finally time to shoot some new looks ;) Unfortunately summer is nearly over und as we didn’t had so much summer in germany yet, I have to wear some summer outfits urgently….

How about you?

St. Tropez or La Mer

[smallquote] St. Tropez Gradual Tan or La Mer Gradual Tan [/smallquote]

If someone asks me which Gradual Tan I would choose that would be one of St. Tropez or La Mer. Of course – definitely La Mer ;) But La Mer is a luxury you can not afford always ;) At least not me ;)

I do not use classic sunless, because they make my skin yellowish and then I look like a carrot… and applying the lotion equality doesn’t always work and then everything looks even worse – a disaster …

As I’m a big fan of La Mer, I did decide to give the self-tanning cream a try – even if it’s expensive. And of course, La Mer didn’t disappoint me – I love this brand now even more. Gradual Tan of La Mer is a self-tanning cream for every day – but that doesn’t mean you have to apply it every day; you apply the cream just until you reach the desired browning. After the first application I got only a very slight browning. But after the second, my skin had a very nice, light and regular tanning – very natural and not a little bit yellowish – just as kissed by the sun. The color stayed for about 5 days, faded equally, so no spots did appear. The smell is okay, but it smells slightly like bronzer. The only real downside is the price, and that at least two to three applications are needed to show an effect … 200ml go quickly away :(

That’s why I’ve been looking for an alternative and Gradual Tan of St. Tropez has convinced me. Unlike La Mer, I like the smell more and it costs only one-third. For me it smells like honey. The consistency is a bit thicker than at La Mer, so you have to apply the cream more careful to obtain a regular tan. But in the end you are rewarded with a natural tan. The tanner of St. Tropez is avaialble in two shades: one light to medium and the other medium to dark. I would recommend to by ‘medium to dark’. It gives you immediately the same color, as two or three applications ‘light to medium’ or La Mer would do. This saves money and cream. I use the lotion for body and face.

New Taste

[smallquote] Promod Top & Skirt / See by Chloe Bag [/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

How do you like my outfit today? Such skirts I had never worn, but taste changes with time ;)

I wasn’t a big fan of blue, either… But my present clothing demonstrates the opposite … :)

How about you? Do you have a new favorite color? Did your taste change?