A touch of vintage by Ana Alcazar

[smallquote] Ana Alcazar Shirt / H&M Dress / MCM Shopper / Ray-Ban Sunnies / Michael Kors Sandals [/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

Sorry, I have’t posted for so long, but I really had no time :( After my holiday I had pretty much work ;)

In this look I wear a very old blouse. It’s around ten years old, but I’ve only worn it three times or so. The blouse was one of my first purchases after my move to Germany. At that time I did not know the label Ana Alcasar. It was worth it … After about ten years it has become a kind of vintage piece ;)

In this look, I combined the blouse with a dress. I find it very cool. What do you think?


[smallquote] Esprit Shirt / Marc Jacobs Shorts / Kenzo Kalifornia Bag / Ray-Ban Sunnies [/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

Do you have such clothes in your wardrobe that you have never worn? I have … And that’s bad :( If you buy a dress for a particular occasion and then you decide not to wear it, it is something diferent as buying a sweater or shorts, witch you absolutly need have at the moment. And then you find them after two years still with labels in the closet. It’s happen more often to me :( And this make me sad :(

Anyway, today I have a more peppy look ;) What do you think about that?

My tenth time at ENDLICH OHNE

Hi Guys,

Two weeks ago I was for the tenth time at the ENDLICH OHNE tattoo removal studio in Hanover.

Why is this taking so long? Because between the treatments have to be at least six weeks. I try to do eight weeks between treatments ;)

As you see, my first tattoo on the butt is almost gone ;) Just a few laser pulses more and it will be gone forever.

The small cancer tattoo on my wrist goes much better and faster. It’s always depending on : color, technique of tattoos.

With removal of my eyebrows I have little problems :( After three times they have become lighter, but not yet gone. And at this point I have a small problem: in September I plan to do the new brows. For a new Tattoo I am gonna meet with my friend in Florence. She is a professional permanent make-up artist.

Since the distance between the removal date and the stinging of a new tattoo must be ten weeks, I can’t do any new removal appointments :( This means that I can’t have a completely new form, but only a cover-up.

That’s why my new eyebrows tattoo is now under question. If we will find a nice shape for the cover-up, I would be very happy. But I hope it will work! ;)

Bye for now!


Hi Guys,

For two weeks I was in my favorite city – Amsterdam. I love this city so much! And I will not be tired never of this wonderfull city. I also do not know how many times I’ve been there – around 14 times ;)

I love the architecture of Amsterdam, the crooked houses, just the entire atmosphere there. I love walking around the canals, looking into the windows and envying those who live in these charming old buildings. I have no problem to hang around for hours around Amsterdam ;) I always discover something new every year, like the secret garden Begijnhof ;) I love also the rich history of the city, the tolerance, the deceitful … And the flower market. For years I try to buy the blue and black tulips for my parents. And every year instead blue or black grow the red tulips ;) It’s almost slapstick, but my parents are happy anyway. The red light district of Amsterdams is always on my to-see list. And every time I wonder that there are no Barbies in the windows, but only Pancake Girls ;)

In the past I used to travel to Amsterdam just for one day. Many of you found this crazy, but I had always a lot of fun just to be there and no matter that only for a few hours. Because the feeling of being there just makes me happy ;)

If you never been there guys, than the Amsterdam trip should be your next!



[smallquote] Promod Shirt / ASOS Skirt / Gucci Marmont Bag
Ray-Ban Sunnies / Dolce & Gabbana Slippers [/smallquote]

Hi Guys,

As I told you in my latest blog post, I am crazy about the current trend of gingham patterns. These are very in vogue this season and certainly will be the autumn and winter too. Caro is everywhere and no matters if it on the blouses, pants or coats.

In my outfit I wear a blouse by Promod and slippers from Dolce & Gabbana – a real Gingham style look.

For my look i choose my new baby Gucci – it was worth to save the money :P